Martha's Vineyard Likes Us

Book reviewer Brooks Robards, in the Martha's Vineyard Times, loves Mentors, Muses & Monsters. She writes: "The essays are not simply worshipful tributes to literary lions. Each writer shades in the nuances of character and experience that make his subject come to life, and each reads like a short story. ... For the reader aspiring to sharpen his own craft, gem after gem emerges from this book's pages.

"The patterns among writers and influences emerge regardless of the order in which the essays are read, and I confess I haven't finished reading all the essays. In truth, I am reluctant to complete it, so deliciously rich and illuminating have I found each offering. I suspect any writer or serious reader will feel the same way."


  1. The book deserves all the praise that the Vineyard Reviewer bestowed on it.

    It is immensely readable, and enormously heartfelt. I was moved and enlightened by every essay.

  2. Thank you, James. I am gratified to hear you say this. The success of the anthology belongs to all the writers.