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Write a piece - fiction or nonfiction - set at Christmas time. It needn't be about Christmas, about Christians, or in any way pro-Christmas. For details, see my latest Huff Po piece, "Don't Get an MFA-Write a Story, Win a Prize."


The Improper Bostonian Weighs in

"Whatever justified, or deluded, fascination these writers have toward their teachers, and however much or little reciprocity is granted, they weave riveting tales of their own evolution, sometimes outstripping their mentors." - Mopsy Strange Kennedy, issue dated Nov. 18, 2009.


Talking & Signing Books B&N Dec. 7

Photos by Nick Wheeler

Thanks to 3M contributors & B&N

EB, Mary Gordon, Lily Tuck, Sigrid Nunez

photo by Carol Goldberg


Listen In & Come See Us

Click to listen to us on Leonard Lopate's Show 93.9FM, Mon. 12/7, talking with Elizabeth Benedict, Sigrid Nunez on Susan Sontag, Lily Tuck on Gordon Lish.

Later the same day. Panel: Benedict, Mary Gordon, Sigrid Nunez, Lily Tuck. Barnes & Noble. 150 E. 86th St. 7PM.


The News from Lake Wobegon

A rave in the San Francisco Chronicle. And "A Day in the Life of...." well, me, on Cynthia Newberry Martin's lovely literary blog, Catching Days.