Why Writers Need Mentors ...

This wonderful tribute to the anthology appeared on the blog "3:17 AM" some time ago, but just came to my attention. It includes, among other goodies, a cover photo of one of Carolyn See's father's porn novels that she writes so splendidly about in her essay. Worth a look!



Mentors, Muses & Monsters is now in paperback, and also available on Kindle and through BN's ebook/Nook. Is there a writer, reader, MFA student, or librarian in your life?

From my "Preface to the Paperback" -- "Every book is special to its author or editor, but this anthology has a particular place in my affections for several reasons. When I asked the writers whose work you are about to read to contribute to the collection, I knew what they wrote would be good -- but there was no way of knowing just how good each of these essays would be. As they arrived in my e-mail inbox, one after another, and I read them sitting at the screen, I often felt the wind knocked out of me. It was clear from the depth of feeling and the care lavished on each sentence that the writers had devoted themselves to this project, to these tender and complex tributes to the people, books, and events that had altered the course of their lives...."

Thanks to all the contributors, the many magazine and journal editors who published these essays in connection with the anthology, and to the readers and reviewers who have praised them in public and private.

~~ Best, Liz Benedict